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Monday, December 19, 2005

Paid Web Site Traffic

Paid web site traffic is sometimes a last resort for Internet marketers. Having failed at generating traffic with proper on-page optimization and other online and offline procedures they are lured to the adverts that promise 10,000 visitors for £30 or $50 or whatever, only to look at their visitor stats to find that either there are no visitors at all or the "visitors" are automated bot clicks.

It's quite esy to tell the difference between real human visitors to your site and bot clicks. The real humans will behave in certain ways which are diverse. They may visit different pages and spend different amounts of time on each page. Real people click on the more prominent links and not click on the less prominent links. Real people will sign up for special offers and subscribe to email lists. If you have Google Adsense ads on your sites real visitors will click on those ads which will in turn show up on your Google stats, clicking on those ads at a set percentage (the CTR) as measured over time. This is what real people will do.

Bot clicks only show up as bot clicks with no other activity whatsoever. While the paid website traffic company just pockets your money.

This is the importance of having detailed logfiles. You can tell if your visitors are real people or bot clicks.

So if you want to check out a paid website traffic service, make sure to direct that traffic to a specific web page so that you can observe the behaviour of your paid visitors. For example, instead of sending traffic to send them to . Then compare the behaviour of "visitors" to that page to the behaviour of visitors to your site overall. The difference becomes incredibly easy to spot.

If you see NO behaviour ... then they are bots.

Ask the paid web site traffic company for a refund. If they don't pay then sue. And tell your friends.

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