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Thursday, August 16, 2007

How To Claim Back Bank Charges

When considering how to claim back bank charges, readers of this blog in the UK will probably be aware that people may claim back their bank charges over the last 6 years (5 years in Scotland) by a simple recovery procedure.

This is because the law will construe bank charges as being disproportionate to the costs incurred by the banks to make those charges. Does it really cost £35 to send an automated letter printed by a robot and post it to a customer who has gone £1 into the red? Well, no it doesn't. It probably costs no more than 25 pence, and most of that will be postage. How to claim back bank charges starts with unprogramming yourself in the belief that the banks, like other authority centres, are always right. In terms of charges, the banks are always wrong.

I cannot offer you any specialist knowledge here. But I can show you an excellent guide in the Money Saving Expert's website here

Recently the OFT weighed in and ruined the party a bit by taking the major banks to court. This puts existing reclaim processes on hold (probably for a couple of years - the banks will be sure to drag it out). But you can still claim back credit card charges.

If you want to save money on credit card charges in general you can go to the Credit Card Balance Transfers site. Use their free service and you won't have to pay any interest charges for years!

File under: How To Claim Back Bank Charges. Watch this space for developments.

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