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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cashback Credit Cards

Those of you who read this blog regularly will already know that I'm always ready to commend stupendous unique innovations, excellent things. Well I have just discovered one! The cashback credit cards balance transfer alert service.

Okay, well what is it? It's a site that actually lets you know when your credit card's opening no interest period is nearing an end, and sends a link in an e-message to automatically transfer the credit card balance to a new lender; it's effectively a cashback credit card alert system.

With the new service this stupendous site allows, you could have your cashback credit card replaced by another one with no interest charges, for years and years! In fact you could use this service for as often as you like to make your balance transfers work for you.

How we handle our finances is ultimately up to ourselves as consumers. If we do not demand good quality of business from our credit card suppliers then we will not get it. If we know that our cashback credit card value may be improved then we should all do something about it instead of keeping quiet. Doing very little only panders to the bad practices of corporate behaviour. We should all confront this problem as rational people, should we not!

The big financial institutions may treat us better if people made more noise about innovations. A service like this shall be highly useful to all credit card users. If people are unhappy with the standards of service shown by our present cashback credit card then we should perhaps employ a third party service like this.

Take a look at the Credit Card Transfers website for further details of how we can all make more intelligent use of our credit cards. The site for UK cardholders is Credit Card Transfers UK.

A fantastic third party service for your cashback credit cards.

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