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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The More Than Traffic Scam

The More Than Traffic scam will be well and truly outed as a scam by now. By that I mean that the mugs who have fallen for their little ruse (myself included) will be licking our wounds, putting it down to experience, promising ourselves we'll never fall for such a thing again, and adjusting to it without letting ourselves become bitter.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the More Than Traffic scam will be off with our money. Probably laughing all the way to the bank with their ill-gotten gains. Back to their nasty little lives to dream up other ways of ripping off honest people.

I'm angry with them, certainly. But I'm much more angry with Harrow Trading Standards office (just down the road from me, as was the More Than Traffic scam) who said they would do nothing about them unless sufficient people complained to them. I explained to Harrow Trading Standards that by the time sufficient people had complained the damage would have been done. That is the nature of con-men. They're off. They don't wait around for trading standards officers.

So here's to the Trading Standards offices throughout the UK, the department with no teeth and a total lack of balls.

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