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Monday, May 15, 2006

ISP Bandwidth For Deactivated Website!

I didn't believe it could happen until I saw it with my own eyes.

Yes, the same ISP that has been plaguing me with invoices for excess bandwidth charges made when its bandwidth alert system had been turned off (by itself, when it became clear that bandwidth levels could be exceeded ... yes, patient readers, you read that right) has now distinguished itself by sending me an email "alert" (at its customary and uniform 4.02 in the morning when its customers, far from being alerted, are more or less guaranteed to be asleep) that one of my sites has clocked up over 20 Gigabytes of bandwidth in 52 hours (yes, you read that right as well: 20 GB in 52 hours).

The trouble is ... wait for it ... I turned this site OFF last month ... because I didn't want to incur excess bandwidth charges.

So this is a deactivated website that my ISP is quite happy to charge me excees bandwidth fees about, even though not a single person or robot in the world can access it!

I sent them an email asking for a reason for this. So far they haven't come up with one. Or rather, I'm assuming that the pisspoor blurted apology from one of their staff they did not construe to be a "reason".

My Reseller Account with them expires on the 25th of this month. I can hardly contain myself.

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