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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Can it Get Worse?

One of my ISP's representatives has sent me another email which again denies what I say actually happens. They write:

"I have again tried this within my control panel and can not duplicate the error you are experiencing and our support team and product development team have also confirmed that they can not establish this error. "

Here is my response.

"Attached are four gif files. See the pictures.

"It is 3.34 in the afternoon, and my resold account [domain].com has been deactivated for some time. The Reseller Bandwidth Alert can be seen clearly set at 7GB which is your default setting.

"At 3.35 I reactivate the account. The button says "Suspend Account Now" because it is now in active mode.

"At 3.36 I scroll up the page to find that the Reseller Bandwidth Alert quite clearly says UNSET.

"At 3.37 I have to manually reset it to 8 GB, otherwise this account will be left unmonitored, and will be liable for any bandwidth excesses going unannounced, whether it is 4.02 in the morning or indeed at any other time when your customers may be awake.

"In other words, this is EXACTLY what I have been saying happens, and I have been saying it now for over four months.

"Did it occur to you that I only noticed this because of my unusually large number of accounts? If I had only one or two accounts, or even a dozen, then I probably would not have noticed the same tiny behaviour pattern replicated over and over on each account when a bandwidth excess issue was detected. So most people would not notice this, and I hate to think of all these other people whom you have suckered by this means. Clearly it's a nice little earner for you.

Yours sincerely,"

I await the response.

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