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Monday, August 13, 2007

Save and Prosper Pension Quotes

Many readers of this consumer blog would from time to time consider starting a pension scheme. Pensions are recommended as a good way of preparing for the later years when we may only have the state pension to rely on. This is a salutary tale about Save and Prosper pension quotes which I feel I have to put in the public domain, as it is rare to find such incompetence outside the public sector.

I took out a pension with Save and Prosper about ten years ago when I took out my mortgage. When I turned 50 I decided I would cash in 25% of the capital, as recent legislation has allowed me to do. In order to do this I had to get a quote for the value of my pension. So I applied for a Save and Prosper pension quote.

The first Save and Prosper pension quote I received was for a married man. I am not married and have never been married. I phoned them up and asked them to send me a quote for a single person.

About ten days later I got another quote. It was for a married person again. They had sent me the same incorrect documentation.

Three telephone calls later in the following weeks did not result in anything. But I phoned them again last week and today I received another pension quote from Save and Prosper ... based on a married man.

Perhaps they are incapable of understanding that people can remain single. Perhaps this is a roundabout way of encouraging me to make an honest man of myself. Every time I ask to speak to the person whose name appears on the covering letters sent with my mismatched quote I am told that I cannot be put through to her because she works in the Customer Services department (?!)

Two other points that have made me suspect Save and Prosper's overall incompetence: they have consistently got my postcode wrong and they think my house is called "Banking Cred Cntrl".

So, if you're thinking about getting a pension to provide for your later years, DO NOT take out a Save and Prosper pension. The chances are you will never live to see it.

File under: Save and Prosper Pension Quotes. Watch this space for further developments.

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