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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Debt Consolidation in London

Just a quick head's up on a new site, Debt Consolidation in London, which offers true debt consolidation help for people in the UK capitol (and through all of the UK, for that matter) who are financially struggling, as opposed to offering them just another loan, which is what most debt consolidation "services" do, plunging people into even greater debt.

In fact, this happens so much that people have come to think of debt consolidation as being synonymous with loans, rather than with genuine debt consolidation management plans, put in place by qualified insolvency practitioners (IPs). People looking for debt consolidation in London or anywhere else in the UK should really check this site out.

True debt consolidation is based around IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) which were set up by the government a couple of years ago. Under these laws you can write off up to 70 percent of your debt (just as a corporation would be allowed to write off debt), though in reality it's nearer to 60 percent for most people. But that's not bad! Imagine, just one day next week having 60 percent of your debt disappear.

Visit the Debt Consolidation in London site now to see if you qualify to write off your debt.

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