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Friday, May 30, 2008

E-On Uses Dirty Tricks To Gain Sales

I've suspected it for a while, but I now have proof that E-on uses dirty tricks to gain sales.

A man came round last week to "read my meter". He hammered on the door several times, three nights out of seven. On the first night he left a calling card saying he had come to read the meter, which was strange since my supplier is NPower.

Out of curiousity I let him in on his fourth attempt. The E-on dirty tricks became evident after he "read" the meter and the next evening another person knocked at the door, also claiming to be a meter reader.

Partially going along with this, I said that the E-on meter reader had read my meter the previous evening. He said he didn't know how this could be, and launched into a patter about the benefits of switching my supplier. And "who is your supplier for gas?"

I told him that I knew that he was a salesman, and he broke into a wry smile and bade me good evening, the game up. That E-on uses dirty tricks can surely not be in doubt after this little episode, and I urge everyone to be on the lookout.

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