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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dell Reneges on Service Agreements

Dell reneges on service agreements, as I have found out today.

I bought a Dell Dimension 3000 in 2005 with Microsoft Windows 2003 installed. Except it wasn't installed.

After numerous calls to the Dell helpline, and having to go through their interminable menus and giving my name and "service tag" over and over, I still have not been able to install Office 2003 three years later. Dell now wants to charge me nearly £40 to help me install the software, even though I have already paid for the software which was meant to be installed in the first place. It seems that Dell reneges on service agreement when it suits them.

The problem has always been that an error has resulted because of the presence of one or more files. I have tried to install Office 2003 several times myself, only to be confronted by the same error messages every time. Every time I contact Dell they say I must pay to have the software installed, even though it should have come installed with the computer when I bought it three years ago. Dell Reneges on Service Agreements.

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