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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Write Off Credit Card Debt

If you want to write off credit card debt you can do so fairly easily with a little help and some template letters.

Alternatively you can get specialist help to write off credit card debt from a solicitor who works in insolvency. Such legal help is not cheap, but it needn't be extortionate either. Steer clear of the people offering to do this for you for 50% of the written off sum. You can get a qualified expert to provide this service for you for much less - around 12% I've seen. These better providers also stipulate that you can pay over a period of 4 months. It's rather like just paying the minimum on your credit card for 4 months - and then nothing more!

How wonderful when you think of it that way. It's the same as continuing to pay the minimum on your credit card over 4 months and then not paying anything else at all, because by that time the capital sum of the debt, sometimes called the principal, will be written off. So you can write off credit card debt in the same way as if you were just paying off the minimum each month and then suddenly it no longer exists!

So write off credit card debt the smart way by shopping around for a specialist solicitor in writing off debt and who knows what he's doing.

Or you could try doing it yourself. More on that later.

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